X-Post: USPA SIM 2003 Available - FREE

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Kevin Gibson requested that people don't link to the SIM directly from other sites. They are concerned about copyright and version control.

I find it pretty astonishing how the USPA still seems to want to protect the distribution of this document. Besides it being almost impossible to police the web for everyone who may be linking to your online doc it just doesn't make sense to me.

I trust they want to spread the SIM is widely as possible - it could save lives.

As for the latest version, just remove the old one when you post a new one and all the links out there on the internet becomes "dead links". Besides, how do you do version control after the first skydiver download this and send it via email to all his buddies, who in return sends it to everyone at their DZ and so on and so forth...

Just my 2c. In the meantime, please link to the USPA manuals page and not to the document directly. :)

Safe swoops

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