First Annual OrFun Birthday Boogie Bash @ the Farm

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OK fine. We won't bring both Caravans and have $16.00 jumps all weekend including Friday. Sleep well everyone. Goodnight.

Its ok folks hes been drinking again

do you realize that when you critisize people you dont know over the internet, you become part of a growing society of twats? ARE YOU ONE OF THEM?

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If NY can make it I should definately try. Last weekend felt good, I'm going to have to work on my significant other to come along with me though. It wasn't any fun having all those beautiful women there playing with toys when I could join in the fun.

Oh and a few swoopin pics are up from last weekend here... http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/gallery/imageFolio.cgi?direct=Personal_Galleries/No_Shoes good job to miki and pruit for getting that water. Wish the one where miki's feet were above and behind his head had come out, that would of been priceless.


You say that like you have somewhere else to be!!!!!:S:S:S:S:S:S:S:S:S:S:S:S:S:S
You want to keep that X you'd better deflate that girlfriend of yours and put her in your suitcase right now!

And would someone please tell Jethro to stop hijacking posts from his own dropzone?

Now to business: Who's helping me finance the food & beer?
OrFunV/LocoBoca Rodriguez/Sonic Grieco/Muff Brother #4411
-"and ladies....messin with Robbie is venturing into territory you cant even imagine!-cuz Robbie is

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how much beer and what kind of food

you know I know ALL the beer vendors

45 truck stops sell a lot of beer

nanner wants to wear her halowen pushup, push out costume is that ok
it really is revealing and she doesn" want to offend anyone


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