AFF in Brazil, Colombia or Venezuela?

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I'd like to take an AFF course this summer when I will be travelling in Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela. Could anyone recommend a dropzone in these countries? The major limitations are that I don't speak Spanish or Portuguese, only English, and that I once attempted a static line jump but backed out at the last minute. The dropzone I did this at said that I would not be allowed to jump ever again, anywhere, full stop, although since then various people have told me this is not true- although of course individual dropzones might have a problem with this. If anyone has any recommendations of dropzones which could provide AFF teaching in English and would be unlikely to exclude me, please let me know!


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There are good places in the UK for you to take your AFF course, check the British Parachute Association website to get a list of drop zones and call them, explain your situation, they should be able to assist you. Here is link:
or better, yet:
Good luck...B|

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In case your not satisfied with your search in the UK, there are dropzones in Brazil where the staff can communicate in English.
Go to the Brazilian Association
or to the Azul do Vento website(no desrepect to others)
and find the one that can help you.
Do your search and keep in mind that your adding a difficulty fact (language) to your AFF course.
How about Spain ?

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Well, I;m sure miniClaire has taken less than two years to get her answer... but for those in the future looking for skydiving in Colombia, with English speaking instructors and fun boogies... see the contact information on the bottom of the homepage of Children of the Sky www.childrenofthesky.com


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