Easter Boogie at Z-Hills - WooHoo!

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Thanks to everyone who made it out. Since March 18 and including Guy Wright's Z-Team weekend, some 700 skydivers visited Skydive City and did some 11,000 skydives.

Parts of Easter weekend were a wash due to weather, but overall, a safe and fun event.

The place looks like a ghost town right now, but we can all relax for the next while for summer.

Have a safe summer everyone, thanks again, and hope to see you all next winter.

TK Hayes

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Awesome 40-ways on Saturday, 60-ways on Sunday.
Boxman kept the positive vibe going on all weekend.
Lots of fun low-stress, but challenging skydives.

It is hard to find a group that can successfully do some of the jumps that we did. It is nice to push some personal limits and still have huge fun.

I had at least 7 or 8 people tell me on Friday that the 3pt 40-way made the whole event worthwhile. B|

Sunday excellent 10-way and 4-way jumps.

Zhills is definitely the RW mecca.

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