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I am a new born in the skydiving world with 40 jumps . . . I have 40 jumps in three years and once I get my rig I am hoping this number will start to jump a little more rapidly to say the least . . . anyway . . . onto business . . .
I am a student at USC in Los Angeles, CA . . . my home dropzone is Perris Valley. I am minoring in Sculpture and am trying to incorporate my passion for skydiving into this study of sculpture. So here is what I am trying to do . . . this is all tenative to interest . . . and number of people but this is what I would like to do . . . I have spoken briefly with Dan BC at Perris and he mentioned his support of this formation if possible so here are the tenative plans and let me know if you are interested.
In 1970 a man by the name of Robert Smithson created an earthworks sculpture called the "Spiral Jetty" . . . this is a 1500 foot sculpture that can be found in the Great Salt Lake. It 15 feet wide and you can walk on it. I would like to try and emmulate this sculpture with a formation skydive of a spiral. Given my lack of experience, I would presume that I would not be participating in the actual formation, however I am still actively trying to organize this jump day. I would like to do some film from the ground. I will provide more information if I can get enough interest . . . APRIL 24, 2005 . . . that's the designated day to try this attempt if we can get the people . . . I would like to do this out of Perris Valley in Southern California.
As I am new at all of this, any assistance in helping to organize this I would greatly appreciate. I would like to set the entire day aside for the attempts if possible. I would like to see an early morning start so we can get acquainted with one another and do some dirt dives. We can try the whole day if everyone is up for it. Anyone interested will be responsible for paying for their participation. In other words . . . I need people who just love to jump!!! --> how hard can that be to find? ;) Also, if you are interested I would like you to e-mail me with your experience and contact information to Jimchamp1@aol.com -- title the email "Spiral Formation" so I can keep track of them.
I will need plenty of people willing to make several attempts if necessary . . . I would hope to see completion but more importantly safety and good solid attempts. I will also need a few people to film. If anyone is interested let me know and we will be in touch more frequently to note the potential jump date. I will have to speak with manifest more at Perris and a few people there to make sure we are good . . . but lets see who's UP for this one . . . I will gratiously accept any suggestions that anyone has as to how to approach this or more appropriate ways to gain interest!!!


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I will gratiously accept any suggestions that anyone has as to how to approach

Look here

Pt 1 the lines have grips on the line in front to add structure.
Pt 2 the grips are released and it becomes a large spiral.

It builds really flat, not bell-shaped. If the base is going a lot faster than the rest, it will sink when the grips are released.

People have to fall fast, but have enough range to slow down as it builds and cross-reference their speed to the other side.

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