Taft-Mullins last weekend-come play?

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Mike Mullins and his awesome King Air are flying its' last weekends this month (last-Feb. 26/27)...is anyone planning on making a trip? There are a few of us from Nor. Cal going, it should be a really good couple of weekends. This place has such a good vibe and some REALLY great skydivers. There should be freefly organizing and a big party/feast the last weekend. I went last year and will definitely be making the trip this year!

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Copied from their email newsletter:

High Altitude Jumps: Mike Mullins King Air!

February 26th- 27th

B-license required

$55.00 per jump

USPA Safety Day:

March 12th, 2005. Not only will you be up-to-date on all the Safety Day stuff, you’ll be jumping out of our new PAC 750, what a BONUS! The PAC 750 seats up to 16 jumpers, and reaches altitude (13,000ft.) in 12 minutes.

For more info re: USPA Safety Day contact Bethany Ferguson at First Impact Rigging 661-765-9300.

Alternate DZ:

Just like to remind everyone that we have been utilizing our alternate DZ in New Cuyama when the weather doesn’t seem to want to clear here in the valley. We are flying Mullins’ King Air everyday until January 31st. switching over to weekends only throughout February. Two Cessna 182’s are available for weekday jumping.

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Update from Taft 2/20:

Hey All,

The time has come for the last weekend of Mike Mullins and his King Air, Don’t miss out!!

How are we saying goodbye? Well…. On Feb. 26th High altitude jumps $55.00 to 23,000ft., $17.00 skydives to 14,000ft. Followed by a BBQ, (Tri-tip, chicken and sides including BEER) $10.00 donation would be appreciated. On the 27th High altitude jumps will still be offered for any overflow, and jump tickets to 14,000ft. Still $17.00.

So come on out to help us say Goodbye, the weather has been great, just because it’s not jumpable in your area, doesn’t mean it isn’t here!! We’ve been jumping every weekend… somehow Taft has this “weather pocket” that protects us from all the crap that’s been coming through lately. Dry and wonderful.. what more can you ask for!!!

Bring your tents or stay in the bunkhouse (bring your own sleeping bag). Hotels are listed on our website skydivetaft.com

Blue skies; hope to see you next weekend,

Skydive Taft

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