Skydive New England's Tiki Bar Boogie!!!

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New England's most famous boogie is back! This year it's Papa Smurf's mystery weekend. What do we mean by that? Well it's a mystery to us too, but this much we do know. . . . . .

* BIRDMAN will be here this weekend!! This is your only opportunity in New England to come and demo BirdMan suits!!!!
* CRW with World Champ Paul Quandt for all experience levels
* Live music with Big D and the Kids Table , and Sly Chi for the weekend Saturday and Sunday night
* We have RW load organizing with Brian Germain, Papa Smurf, Pete Levasseur and our mystery guest.
* Fred and Heathers award winning pig roast (we know because we gave them the award ourselves)
* And the feature presentation. . . . .the TikiBar Burning

For further details check out www.ugojump.com

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Man oh Man, I could tell you all stories and then have the video to back it up!!

There was this one time, these 12-15 ladies got sprayed by a water gun, I was in the front row shooting video and they were all wearing white shirts, then they took off all their ...... for 10 minutes.

During those 10 mins WOW!....... You'll have to go see for your self.

Best boogie in New England!
Clint MacBeth
Skydive Moab 435 259 JUMP
M.O.A.B. Mother Of All Boogies Sept 19 - 23, 2012

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