WFFC 2005

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Ok now don't quote me and say "well shannon told me so!!!!" no this is not written in blood and I am just taking a stab BUT I have been for the last four years and it always seems to fall with August 1-12th..or 2-12th...somthing like that.
Definitely know it is begins the first weekend in August since I have been attending anyway.

I don't know though, I am a heavy partier so I might be totally jaded. :S

Do it Again!
P.M.S. #22
LaLa Gang #4

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They may change this someday but for now-

The WFFC is exactly 10 days, from a Friday to the following Sunday. No part of it is every in July.

Therefore, if August 1st in a particular year is a Friday, that is when it starts, otherwise if August 1st is a Saturday, then it would start on the 7th.

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