Richmond "THE" Boogie

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Richmond "THE" Boogie, Richmond, IN! Wednesday, August 27 - Monday, September 1, 2003.

Mike Mullins Super King Air
Skydive Crosskeys Super SkyVan (here on on the DZ as I type this)
Super Otters (2), Skydive Chicago, Skydive Tecumseh
Skydive Crosskeys Helicopter
Skydive Crosskeys Steerman
Standby Skydive Wayne County Grand Caravan
-And just for some giggles...
Extra Standyby Skydive Wayne County Twin Beech
Extra, Extra Standby Skydive Wayne County C-182
Extra, Extra, Extra Standby Ultralight
Extra, Extra, Extra, Extra Dodge Neon (1995) SWEET!

For Real though
Registration fee is only $35 and covers great things like free beer every night, free food on Saturday night, live bands, DJ's, camp fires every night, parties, parties, parties and more parties... oh yeah, and more parties.

Fun, fun, fun... come see for yourself or give us a call at 1.888.234.5867 for more information!

OK... I am tired... but I am for real!

See you this weekend!

Blue ones...


Jaime Praeter
Richmond "THE" Boogie AKA
Skydive Wayne County
765.965.0435 PH
765.965.0436 FX

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