The Jim Bella Going Away Boogie in Brush CO

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Who: This boogie will be for all those who dare to show up.

What: This is the "Jim Bella going away boogie"

When: The exact date has yet to be determined but we're thinking of the weekend of Saturday March 29th (it may need to be pushed up one weekend if Jim is too busy with his girlfriend).

Where: Team Bellas are planning on invading Brush CO and they just may be looking for recruits (especially potential recruits with boobies).

Why: Why else would a boogie be held? To have some serious fun and to say good-bye to Jim Bella (who's cutting away for a year and touring a DZ around the country near you).

So come out and join the Bellas if you dare!!! :o:PB|

Try not to worry about the things you have no control over

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