Safety Day @ Skydive Dallas

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Hi Everybody!

Skydive Dallas hosts the most generous Safety Day in the country. We all benefit from increased safety awareness. In our sport we should never quit learning and improving. Saturday, March 8 is USPA Safety Day. As in the past, we're going to take advantage of this opportunity to encourage skydiving safety and education.

IT'S BACK!!! We want to reward you once again for selecting your equipment according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Here's all you have to do:
1. Present your rig to our FREE JUMP for SAFE GEAR station.
2. You must be at or below the manufacturer's recommended weight
(with all your gear on) for you skill level on both your main and reserve.
3. Your name and current address must be on your pack data card.
4. Present your USPA License. We're using the following classifications:
No License = Student
A License = Novice
B License = Intermediate
C License = Advanced
D License = Expert
We'll be using the most current charts available from the manufacturers.
5. Only one FREE JUMP per person.

If you perform your emergency procedures in the hanging harness successfully, and attend our seminars in the evening, You'll receive a HALF PRICE JUMP coupon.

Here's a note from Perry Perkins regarding his Canopy Control Seminars:

>> We'll begin our seminars each day at 8:00 am. The Basic Canopy
>> Flight program is a series of 5 short seminars followed by a jump to
>> apply the new skills you've learned. Some people may choose to do
>> more than 5 jumps for feedback purposes. I recommend no fewer than 3.
>> This course will include class room instruction on basic canopy flight
>> principles and technique's. Each jump will include a series of task to
>> perform under canopy, approximately the last 30 seconds of this will
>> be videotaped for debriefing purposes.
>> Each person will learn basic landing techniques, stalls, half brake
>> approaches, braked turns, flat turns, riser turns, canopy collision
>> avoidance, traffic patterns, traffic flow, flight planning, accuracy techniques,
>> and most of all confidence in flying your canopy safely.
>> For those advanced flyers I will have to watch their techniques and
>> skill to determine where they are in their abilities and start there training
>> from there. I do recommend they also sit in on the class room portion of
>> the basic school.

>> Safe Swoops and Soft Landings,
>> Perry Perkins

>> www.The-learning-curve.net Canopy control school
>> www.verticalvideoprod.com Vertical Video Productions

For more information, please email Perry directly at [email protected]

Tiffany Cullum - 400 Jumps
Rob Parker - 200 Jumps
Teresa Briggs - 100 Jumps

Matt Stadler Graduated AFF!
Brain Probst Graduated AFF!
Rebecca Contreras Graduated AFF!

Tod Cianuilli, Anton Maximov, and Robin Phillips made their first Cessna 182 Jump!

Blue Skies!

Joe Rekart
General Manager www.SkydiveDallas.com

Learn from the BEST Skydiving Center in TEXAS!

Skydive Dallas Call us at 1-800-SKYDIVE (from the DFW area)
1039 PR 438 -- or --
Whitewright, TX 75491 (903) 364-5103

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