Power outage

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Power was knocked out to about 1500 and he was not injuryed beyond minor scraps and bruises.

Keep us updated on this one. My question...Is the power company going to try and collect damages from the student or DZ? Sometimes they do. And the follow-up question is will USPA insurance cover the charge.

-tom buchanan

Tom Buchanan
Instructor Emeritus
Comm Pilot MSEL,G
Author: JUMP! Skydiving Made Fun and Easy

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LOL No its not a prison.. Its funny you ask since there is a prison very close by. This is the fence at the edge of the airport... On my first AFF jump I choose a slight cross wind landing in order to avoid this fence. :P

D.T. Holder

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I don't know about trying REAL hard, but I was just out there yesterday. I talked to a couple of the guys that were involved, including the one with his smiley face in news photo. The Landing zone is a good 1/4 mile north east of where he went down, He not only had to fly forever to get to where the power lines were, but in doing so he passed a dozen spots he could have put it down inbetween.

Dunno what he was thinking, but I kid you not he flew that wing a LONG ways to get to that fence line.
Scott Cargill

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