New International Licience.

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Has anyone got this yet and if so what are the requiremements for each "grade" (A,B,C etc).

I heard soon if you want to jumpp in countries not affiliated to your own countries organization (BPA, USPA etc...) you will need an international licience.

Is this a good idea or just pants??

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actually, the 2002 FAI CoP requirements can be found here http://www.fai.org/sporting_code/sc5.pdf in PDF form.
D is 500 jumps, C is 200, B is 50, A is 25. Etc.

These are the basics that Canada has been using since mid-2001. The new B at a C-182 DZ (9000 ft) with some 'fun time' allowed and static line/IAD progression ia a 75-100 jump task "in reality".


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