Good reasons to skydive...!???!

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when you land, the women look more beautiful and the beer tastes better....

....looping into a headdown at 180 mph is just awesome and your like, people on the ground in that car passing me 2 miles below have no idea what your doing....i love that....

....and there's something about looking out of an airplane at 14,000' and hurling yourself into the void where only the craziest, most fun and daring people on the face of the planet would go....

....it's the closest you'll ever get to God, especially after you're under a full open and controllable parachute.

"dude, where's my main?"

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LOL. yea yea I know ..and There WAS beer. you guys showed up late! lol

Here's a nothe reason or 2 to skydive....

Getting high is fun, but coming down is the best part!B|

people fly when youre having fun!B|

I forgot I left the oven on:o....the fastest way back was to....:D

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Tell them that it is actually safe. We know that it can be as safe or as dangerous as we make it.
(People who don't jump think it is a crazy persons sport.)

The most dangerous part of skydiving is the drive to the airport!!!

It's Challenging.

Cheaper then flying an airplane.

The equipment is superb.

Use Wendy's reasons also.

John D-24352

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because i think i should do something every day that scares me. if i don't i'm not living at maximum wattage.

because its absolute proof that nothing humans can dream of is impossible.

because earning the right to carry an a-license is a ticket to climb an experience ladder that unlike most, HAS no top.

because its so very bright up there.

because the best and brightest fastest warmest smartest happiest and most colorful people on earth arent ON it. they're just between loads.

because its a guaranteed cure for the ordinary day...i cant believe how often i could say to someone, "you wouldnt believe what i did yesterday..." and when i tell em, their jaw drops and they look at me like im from the 4th dimension.

because its also the cure for the ordinary LIFE.

because im an inspector for the united states department of gravity. yup, it still works.

because i think its my job to decorate the sky on occasion. its not that the sky is boring its just that it looks so much better decorated with lots of bright nylon fireworks. explosively colorful canopies gyrating around among clouds are just so festive, you know.

back when i was groundbound i would occasionally see a big bunch of birds either flying in big groups or all hanging out on a phone line. gregarious little guys, you see them come and go, greet each other, check their gear, fly over and say hi to merv, pushing and shoving for a good spot on the wire, all chirping up a storm catching up on the local gossip. discussing who pulled off a cool move and whos who in the world of a flock of chickadees or whatever. every time i see that i think "bird party!" i always used to think it must be so cool to just be one of those birds in the bird party...wished i could be there.
then i got into skydiving.
awhile ago after id landed i was back in the hangar repacking, shooting the shit with people coming and going, seeing a few take off, a few land and come in, checking their gear, chirping up a storm, pushing and shoving and jockeying for a good spot in the packing space discussing whos who and who pulled off a cool move and isnt merv coming to the boogie next month and come on the fires up lets hit the pit and get some food.....
....and, feeling the most intense happiness and satisfaction i'd never imagined possible, i thought "bird party!"

there is nothing that feels so good as the satisfaction of the strongest deepest and most impossible longing you knew could never happen.

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"because im an inspector for the united states department of gravity. yup, it still works. "

I thinks that's imaginative.

Also remember that birds sing because they can fly.:D

I don't drink during the day, so I don't know what it is about this airline. I keep falling out the door of the plane.

Harry, FB #4143

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I'll be perfectly honest with this one ... it's not going to be funny, more of a serious answer as to why the hell I skydive.

I've been asked this a lot, and the first thing I always tell them is that it's because of the people. The atmosphere at the DZ is incredible. The people you meet are from all walks of life and truly influence me daily and make me a very happy person. I love the interactions I have while I am there and I go often to get away from the "other" people in this world.

Sure, I obviously am an adrenneline junky and love the thrills and everything else phsycally involved with skydiving, but again, it's the people that mentally do it for me and make me never want to leave the sport!

Trailer 11/12 was the best. Thanks for the memories ... you guys rocked!

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