Is lightning a factor?

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Like my post stated lightning can strike from 10 miles away. It may be clear where you are at and be lightning in the distance you see.

Small aircraft (that would include almost all jump planes) are advised to stay well clear of CuNim clouds - like 10 miles. Assuming the pilot and jumpers aren't fools, then a lightning strike on a jumper is most unlikely.

I live in Fl. The lightning capitol of the world.
People are struck and killed here every summer under clear skies up to TWENTY MILES away from a storm.
I have seen lightning under canopy from CN clouds as close as five miles away while we were under clear skies.
Did I want to be there? No.
We try to stay on the ground during conditions like that but if you didnt jump in Fl every time a cloud went by in the summer you would never jump.
And the storms can happen REAL FAST.
My bigger worry is the gust front.

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maybe because a plane has enough metal to attract lightning and a skydiver doesn't, they may be safe? Who knows.

For this reason I always remove my AAD when jumping in large, dark cumulonimbus clouds with hail, rain, and lightning.

- Maximus

It's not that I'm afraid to die, I just don't want to be there when it happens.

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