Is there a specific license you need to jump with a tandem pair?

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It is highly preferred that the cameraflyer be an AFFI, and the majority of cameraflyers that work for the school at Perris are.

If not, they have over 1,000 jumps and are put through a screening process...PLUS they have to come highly recommended by those who already work there. You just can't walk up, introduce yourself, show your log book and get invited to participate. Even if you've jumped with tandems at another DZ, they'll most likely call up your previous 'employer' and check you out before letting you jump along with them.

It's not only the student's life they're having to consider, but also their own. I don't blame -any- tandem instructor who wants to be overly cautious with those who fly along with them.


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As in many of those earlier replies, I think jumping the slot prior to your friends tandem is the best option. If he is having video, you may be able to arrange to have your exit filmed by the camera flier and made part of the experience. I was fortunate enough to have that opportunity with my sons fist jump (AFF), and my youngest daughters only jump so far (Tandem).

Just making the same lift, and being there for the jump will still create an incredible bond.


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