First Flight Centennial

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Honoring 100 Aviation Heroes
Tuesday, December 16

The 100 Heroes honored, by decades, are:

Louis Blériot
Glenn Curtiss
Baroness Raymonde De Laroche
Benjamin Foulois
Samuel Langley
Glenn Martin
Ludwig Prandtl
Harriet Quimby
Charlie Taylor
Theodore Von Kármán
Orville Wright
Wilbur Wright

Geoffrey De Havilland
Donald Douglas
Allan Lockheed
William "Billy" Mitchell
Edward "Eddie" Rickenbacker
Sir Thomas Sopwith
Elmer Sperry
Lawrence Sperry
Elmer Stone
Baron Manfred von Richthofen

Walter Beech
William Boeing
Clyde Cessna
Jimmy Doolittle
Amelia Earhart
Robert Goddard
William Lear, Sr.
Charles Lindbergh
James McDonnell
Willi Messerschmitt
Wiley Post

Frank Andrews
Harry Combs
Benjamin Davis
Ernst Heinkel
Elrey Jeppesen
Clarence "Kelly" Johnson
Jack Northrop
William Piper, Sr
Eleanor Roosevelt
Igor Sikorsky
Cyrus "C.R." Smith
Hans J.P. Von Ohain
Sir Frank Whittle

Henry "Hap" Arnold
Richard Bong
Jacqueline Cochran
Marcel Dassault
Charles Draper
Barry Goldwater
Robert "Bob" Hoover
Curtis LeMay
Francis Rogallo
Paul Tibbets, Jr.
Hoyt Vandenberg
Charles Yeager

A. Scott Crossfield
Hugh Dryden
Yuri Gagarin
John Glenn
Jeanne Holm
Sergei Pavolovich Korolev
Walter "Wally" Schirra
Bernard Schriever
Alan Shepard
Wernher Von Braun

Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin
Neil Armstrong
Frank Borman
Michael Collins
Charles "Pete" Conrad, Jr.
James Lovell, Jr.
Geraldine Mock
Robin Olds
Thomas Stafford
Valentina Tereshkova

George Brown
Daniel "Chappie" James
Martha King
Donald "Deke" Slayton
Emily Howell Warner

George H. Bush
Mae Jemison
Joe Kittinger
Bruce McCandless
Tom Poberezny and Paul Poberezny
Sally Ride
Burt Rutan
Dick Rutan
Patty Wagstaff
Jeana Yeager

Colleen Barrett
Margaret Sidonie Sansom Bosin
Eileen Collins
Jane Garvey
Marion Jayne
Shannon Lucid
Sheila Widnall

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Thanks a bunch Airtwardo, I was really curious who the 100 were but I haven't had time to find them printed anywhere.

14 of the 100? That's awesome! All I got was a thumbs-up from Sen. John Glenn when he was leaving First Flight. OK, you gotta tell us, which 14?

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