scam in skydive society

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however here is,

in a dropzone classifieds I found a post which was interesting for me
Vector 3 and Tempo120.
I paid for it. I did a bank transfer 29th Dec 2003. I still don't have any package and
I'm not able to get hold of this guy.
I haven't got any replay since 16th Jan
email address is [email protected] (dreopzone user name gearsforsale but I am not sure)
I've got more details like beneficiary's first names, surname, address and bank details.

This guy seems to be from South Carolina so I sent there (dropzone, skydivers) a few emails and
nobady knows him moreover one skydiver had spoken via email to "gears for sale" (about stiletto)
but he refused to tell his name.
I think I have been cheated.
the guy named (in a bank transfer) are probably completely
unaware that his name has been used this way so I don't want to reveal his name.
(I can do it on priv).

I still have got the deposit slip and I've saved all of his email he sent to me.
(and even a picture of the container that is attached)

IF someone has any tips or recognize a container

Please contact me


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Oh man, that is a nightmare!!!

I'm really sorry that happened to you!

How much did you end up paying for that rig?

Always have the seller send the rig to your rigger for inspection and use a third party to hold the cash.

Or you can C.O.D., that way the recipient only pays when he/she recieves the package.

Did you get a phone number? maybe you can file a report and have the bank account that you deposited money into traced?

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COD is susceptible to fraud perpetrated from the receiving end, so I can understand why sellers wouldn't want to do that. Escrow is the way to go with stuff that's expensive. That or in person

How so? I've sold things COD. The key is that I always mark "Certified Check ONLY" on the payment option. That way the check can't bounce.

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That sucks man. Like stated above, use a rigger for the transaction if you cant meet the guy face to face. Its a shame that this is happening as much as it is lately. It shouldnt be happening at all.

Get a hold of the police to report fraud. Since you have the acct number of the guy, they should be able to trace it down and find him. Good luck!

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This is a classic reason why gear sales should be run through a rigger/dealer unless you're completely comfortable with the other party. If I know the seller personally or by reputation I won't use a rigger/dealer; however, if I've never heard of the seller, the deal goes through an intermediary. Good luck in catching the creep. If you have a name, I can do a public records search. PM me.

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