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one of the accessories is a "Gutenschneider
What the hell is a Gutenschneider

maybe a gurtenschneider which is a "belt"cutter, like a safety belt... or even better, a hookknife
scissors beat paper, paper beat rock, rock beat wingsuit - KarlM

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That looks suspiciously like a plain old ordinary swiss army knife :S

What features make it a good choice for a skydiver or give it its name "The Parachutist"?

It really isn't a good moniker, actually it is a bad one.

It isn't a SAK, notice that there is no spoon for Pate', no tooth pick or cork screw for those times you are attacked by a rabid wine stewart with a speck of spinach wedged between his front teeth.

As far as the "bottle" opener ... any Bic lighter will do the same job quite nicely and still light your favorite smoke after use.

"exit fast, fly smooth, dock soft and smile"
'nother james

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