What was your most proud skydive day

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1) Jump number 55. Held a sitfly, level with my sister, all the way to breakoff altitude for the first time

2) Standing up the landing on the first jump on my Safire-149.

Finishing off AFF without having to redo any levels was pretty big too. And my AFF instructor not remembering my name at first, and then jokingly saying "oh yeah, the super tracker" was cool too :P

As was a tiptoe landing in zero wind with (for me) lots of swoop, right in front of my older brother and his three small kids, my sis and mother. Hm, and watching my second brother do his first (and so far only) static line jump. Made me proud.

Still a newbie - these are certainly very minor compared to the achievements of many others who have posted, but to me they were huge at the time (and are still pretty big B|)

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Winning first place in an accuracy meet.

With my PC.

The only ROUND in the field.

Backed up all the way!



Doing a demo into the Mr. & Ms. Nude DFW pageant on the Fourth of July.

With a ROUND.

Yes, I was. (sorry, no pic of that one)
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2 weeks ago - On Jump 86:

1. Finally able to sit fly! And landed dead center of the peas!

2. One of my students just turned 18, she's been wanting to jump since she met me. Brought her to the DZ, she finally did her first tandem.

Great day!!!

edited to brag about landing accuracy!

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As a DZ Pilot, flying loads all day in the two 182's (the T-Bone was down for maintenance) then getting a ride in a glider from another pilot, then making a static-line jump!
Plane landings were all short field greasers. Jump landing was knees-chest-face.
Yee Hah!
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1. - on jump #25 I open my reserve, I was very proud that I can handel a malfunction.

2. - I had problems doing a good trek and on my 30th or 31st jump when I got it right it was the best thing.

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1. Jumping with my two daughters on their graduation jumps.

2. Flag demo jump into Ft. McHenry on Flag Day just before the fireworks display. The band was playing the National Anthem, and the jump was timed so that the landing coincided with the end of the anthem. My daughters (much younger then) were amazed that other kids were asking their dad and his teammates for autographs.

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September 13, 2002: Standing on the podium with my 10 Way team TFX next to Arizona Airspeed and SDCSTL at the 2002 Nationals after taking the Bronze


July 9, 2002: Getting my AFF rating after my graduation Level 4 Eval jump with Glenn Bangs
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