What makes you want to go to a boogie?

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i put write your own, my reason is for the insane number of jumps that can be made and the insane number of different types of jumps that can be made, being able to do some cool stuff you havent done before

The only bad skydive is your last!
chris "sonic wookie" harwell
Piedra-belluda-roja Rodriguez

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Location.. Facilities.. unusual landing area..

My favorite boogies i have traveled to were the San Carlos boogie and the Blue Water River Boogie. Both of them we got to stay in a nice hotel and land at the hotel. In San Carlos, it was on the beach and in Parker, it was in a small amphitheater behond the hotel by the river. I enjoy having a nice room with a private shower after jumping all day and the scenery under canopy.. not to mention the adoring crowds of whuffos.. ;)
gotta go... Plaything needs a spanking..

Lotsa Pictures

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