Force to deploy reserve, Small girl

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congrats on getting this part over with

I don't think of it like that.

If you’re going to jump out of a plane, I think it’s a fact of life, like losing you virginity.

(WARNING, This is pretty dull )
it was a few days ago, so it is a little hazey now.

I jumped with one other person, I am very new … so I was never close during the whole dive. Pull was at 3.5k. I tried once, hard pull. Let go and tried again, hard pull.

On my 3rd (and last) attempt to get a main over head, I gave it my all; I grabbed the hackey, turned my arm a little and tried to get some leverage. As I did this, I started going over. Before I started, I knew it was my last attempt. Still going over, I looked at the horizon then silver. fuck. I cleared it with my left hand before my right one could reach, while upside down. I don’t remember anytime between that and when my reserve was over head. I was under canopy at 2k.

My first jump with my own parachute, my first solo, the time in AFF when caught my pilot chute on a seat beat and pulled it out just before I was to exit, … those were scary (for me), this wasn’t.

I had a good canopy and I watched the pilot chute drift to the ground...not to far from club house. :)

Once I was under my reserve ... I couldn't think. I was relatively low, I didn't fly a pattern, I just went straight in.

My pilot chute was about 30% out of the BOC pouch (I think, I may be so wrong). As I went into the clubhouse, I asked some people not to touch it. I wanted to pull the rig off and look to see what happened. Then the rigger told me not to touch it. The (STA) told me to keep the rig on. He made me lay on the floor, told me to deploy. The pilot chute came out no problem.

I’m in new England, it was pretty cold out. The STA thinks it was me, that my fingers were numb.

Talked with the STA, he said every/most experienced jumper he knows that had a
hard pull, did the exact same thing. Pulled the reserve without
releasing the main. He thought I did every thing right and was glad I didn’t
fight it to the ground.

It was a good day. I ordered a container, jumpsuit and helmet, jumped at a
new place and had my first reserve ride.

Everyone at the club was so very nice. I owe the rigger a bottle of what ever he wants, wish I knew what that was.

Now I just need to work on the whole freefall thing, so when I jump with others I’m not the only one that having a great time.

I’m still waiting to feel like a skydiver.

(geez, that was alot of typing for a blur on 8 seconds)

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Hey Belinda,
Congrats on keeping yourself alive! :)
Glad to hear it came out easily like everyone predicted.

Sorry U don't feel like a skydiver yet. I felt like a skydiver after my 2nd solo landing. :)
Blue skies!

Jeth B|
"At 13,000 feet nothing else matters."
Team Funnel #174, Sunshine kisspass #109
My Jump Site

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I felt like a 'real' skydiver the first time I managed a decent on-target, stand-up landing.

I felt like a 'real' skydiver the first time I managed to deploy face to earth (S/L progression) but feeling was short lived when I started to do other things wrong.

I'm a 5' 8.5" male, I KNOW I can carryout out EP & that I have more that enough strength to cope even if the pull is more than the max 22 lbs but still think 'I going to have the strength to cut away & extract the reserve pin' (will I have the presence of mind to even try). The answers are yes, yes & YES but until you have been in that situation you still wonder!

You've been there, done that & bought the tee shirt, you can stop wondering now.

Get out, Land on a green bit. If you get the pull somewhere in between it would help.

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