First Jump Courses from Independent Instructors available?

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Greetings all -
I'm looking to get back in the air after a couple of years and need to get a jump or so under the eye of a rated instructor to get signed off, according to the USPA. One of the local SoCal DZ's wants me to attend a FJC and do 2 jumps, though, for about $350.
The FJC is a good idea, but the price is a bit steep methinks. Are there any independents that might have a course coming up that I could sit in on for a more reasonable price?
I'm a C-license with about 380 jumps and last jumped in July 2002......gear is good, health is good, am years older than I ever thought about being, but in good shape.
Thanks for any replies or input....be safe out there.

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That sounds damned unreasonable to me... Where are you located? I'd give you a refresher for free. Not a lot has changed in the last few years. It's probably a good idea for you to sit through a first jump course again or at least an in depth refresher. We charge $20 for a refresher course at our DZ. And I'm sure that after at least 1 jump you'd be right back where you left off. I would for sure call another DZ and talk to them. It seems as if your first choice is just trying to cash in on someone that has already paid their dues. The nerve of some people...

Gary "Superfletch" Fletcher
D-26145; USPA Coach, IAD/I, AFF/I

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