How much wind at 12k is too fast to jump?

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Or the truck stop if the spot was really good at Temple. Thats the one thing that always scares me on cross country jumps, the thought of a mal right out the door. Do I want to ride a line over down to 3500 feet and risk all that damage to my canopy in the process? Do I chop and freefall it down as to keep the freebag (probally) and greatly risk losing the main? Do I cop and hit the reserve as high as I can and try to follow the main and basically write the freebag off? :SB|
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On one jump I had over 1.5 mile freefall drift, dumped 0.5 mile downwind of DZ but made it back without too much effort. Still had a long walk back to hanger (500 yards).
Would do it again but would try to take the spot deeper. In the UK I believe 1.5 mile from DZ cross is the max. exit point limit.

Get out, Land on a green bit. If you get the pull somewhere in between it would help.

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I was at the DZ yesterday and the winds were humming, up top 40 to 50 mph give or take.
on the ground solid 15 to ahh 30 mph gusts.

too much depends on your limitations, where do you draw the line.

ohh yea and the landings were great. To watch:o how were yours.:ph34r::ph34r::D:D

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>how much wind speed (drift) is too much?

I think the problem with strong uppers is that
people think they are just like light to medium
uppers, only more so, spot a little further up
wind, leave a little more time between groups.

I don't think that's true.

Down at the bottom of


is an article called "Dealing with Uppers"


Here's the second paragraph:

"In low to medium uppers it's about leaving separation, and in medium
to strong uppers it's about accepting that we are in a new environment
and changing the way we jump."

At Lost Prairie this year I was talking to Bryan Burke
about this and he told me that at Eloy they don't fly
jumpruns at less than 60 knots groundspeed.

When the uppers get too strong they start flying various
forms of cross wind jumpruns.


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