Often-used safety procedures: the PLF

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not only knees are involved (i still suffer since one year) [:/]

the very first injury was at start of AFF: we had to jump from a platform one after the other, about 1.5 meter down to the hard grass ground, to train the PLF . the first hit was a big one on my head (helmet didn't prevent anything) while rolling sidewards/backwards.

after 5 jumps, i had to stop for the day.

obviously, this hit was reason why i still stick on jumping ;)

i do not really love the memory on this kind of training PLF. :S

dudeist skydiver # 3105

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I’m at the tail end of an epic boogie in the Maldives, and the sometimes dicey winds had me preparing to PLF (aka PLR, or parachute landing roll) on every jump. Because in the last 50 feet or so, you just didn’t know when you’d get the updraft, when you’d get the shear, and when you’d get the downdraft. 

A couple of people got hurt when they:

a. Didn’t fly all the way through the landing (eg forgot to finish the flare because that downdraft came in the last 10 feet — sometimes you get unlucky)

b. Just plain didn’t prepare to roll, and so hit stiff legged or with legs out like they were still planning to stand up. 

Passe though it may be considered in some circles, I’m still a fan of preparing to PLR (yeah, I like that name change).  Remember, you have to land on every single jump, you should be prepared for a lot of possibilities in conditions  

Wendy P. 

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