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i voted for good idea as that is what i believe.

I didn't vote for any of the statements on numbers of deaths, as although i believe (and hope) it should reduce deaths i will reserve judgement until we seelots of new jumpers graduating and progressing through the new system. It will be many years before we see any benefits.

Also i do not believe it will be too hard to enforce. There are already qualifications such as IC1, FS1, FF1 and 2 that are enforced sucessfully, it shouldn't be too hard to extend the system.

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Basically (very basically) these are a series of new canopy control regulations we've just brought in (although JM1 is more about being a jump master and flight line stuff which used to be chucked in with out old canopy handling qualification).

For CH1 you have to demonstrate certain basic canopy control skills including basic accuracy, flat turns etc, it includes a written test and you must have this in order to get your "A".

Then in order to progress you must get CH2 which includes further canopy control skills, more stringent accuracy and another test. You must obtain this before you can get your B licence.

Then there's CP1 for which you must demonstrate a number of different swoop manoeuvres and be signed off as competent not to kill yourself. Now here's the key bit – having CP1 is a pre-requisite for being allowed to perform any swoop manoeuvre... this gives CCI (basically our S&TA) control over who is allowed to swoop and who isn’t.

Hopefully CH1 and 2 will give people the skills not to plough fields with panic turns etc and the CP1 requirement will prevent people dieing by trying to swoop unless doing so as part of their training towards CP1 or at least after they've been judged competent enough to make their own mistakes.

Then you have CP2 which is a prerequisite for entry into swoop competitions and is basically the same as the IPC entry requirements.

The other key point is that none of this is linked to jump numbers or wing loading but actual skills. (save for the requirement that you have "C" licence before going for CP1 which in its self requires 200 jumps and "D" licence for CP2 which requires 1000 jumps).

Full blurb can be seen here:http://www.bpa.org.uk/safetydocs/Operations%20Manual/sec%202.doc

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My thoughts on this subject are mixed. probably a good idea over all and anything that keeps students and low time jumpers out off trouble has to be applauded but this has been so badly implemented with so much confusion over which applies to who and where people will enter the new ratings it has to be said it makes the Bpa look like amateurs.

Hopefully this will be resolved soon and it will be a lot better and relevant to new jumpers than the old ic1 rating :|, just my 2 cents.

Billy-Sonic Haggis Flickr-Fun

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