What are the chances of FREE tandem jump?

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How much did it cost for the Tandem Instructor to get his/her rating(s)
How much did it cost for the pilot to get his?
How much did it cost for the plane and tandem rig?
How much does it cost to keep the doors open at the DZ where you want to jump? You know, the lights, water, lease, staff etc.
How much did it cost for the two loads of fuel they just put the plane?

In DZO 101 you learn to omit the word free from your vocabulary

And you wanna do what?? Free? No one understands what you are asking....

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Let me try this one;
1.Tandem Rating-500 jumps plus other ratings and course $12,000.00
2.pilot rating-private only, $3500, commercial $5000
3.plane and rig- lets say cessna 182 new engine low time 65,000(fact) tandem rig-avg new 9,800.
4.Daily cost running DZ- lets go monthly, $2000.00 low side.
5. Fuel for plane- once again C182, one load $2.50 AvGas per gallon 10 gallons one load $25.00 gas only.

A naked hot chick doing any kind of skydive!!!

You guess it!.......PRICELESS!!!!!! ;)

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I've never paid for a jump...tandem or solo....but I've also convinced around 120 people (so far) to go skydiving....bring them business and they will bend over backwards to support your skydiving career...hanging around the dz and doing nothing will get you nowhere!! You could also become a packer and work off your jumps..
"Let the jumping begin!"

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Sounds like this guy needs to whip out some plastic instead of waiting for a free tandem! On the other hand, a hot, naked chick has much more to negotiate with!!

Your finances seem to be pretty much "ditto" with ours.....


top-less = half off the price of tandem.

Yesterday one of our up-jumpers brought out a "friend" to do a tandem jump.
Hint, the up-jumper works as a bouncer at a strip club.
They convinced the tandem instructor to do his part for free.
They convinced the outside photographer to do his part for free.
She may have had a firm set of B-cups, and it was comical to see how many male catchers walked out to the bowl - most of whom had not caught a tandem in the last year - she had been doing "E" til six in the morning, hadn't eaten all day and almost fainted under canopy.

They knew better than to ask me to do this sort of high-risk, low-return stuff for free.

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At Skydive Long Island your chances of getting a free skydive is very good. Stony Brook University offers anyone a free tandem skydive if you are willing to stay at the university's hospital for 2 days. They wish to study the effect skydiving has on you after you make your jump.

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