Are Gas Prices Affecting Your Jumping Activities?

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>Can't bring myself to squeeze me and all my stuff into something that size.

You're thinking of the earlier Prius. The 04-05 Prius has a _lot_ of room inside. I carry 8 foot 2x4's home in it.

> Don't think it could tow very much weight either.

The Prius isn't rated for towing. The Highlander Hybrid will tow 3500lbs though.

>From my understanding of hybrids most of the fuel savings come
>from non-highway type driving. Is this now an incorrect belief?

We just drove back from Vegas and got an average of 46mpg on E50 (50% gas / 50% ethanol.) But overall you save more on stop and go driving than on highway driving due to regen braking.

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Just a little joke. You do seem to be up on your Toyotas though. I have actually looked at smaller more efficient vehicles, but have come to the sad conclusion that I don't have the money in my savings account yet and that even at the prces gas is I could only save about $200 a month. With the added insurance and excise tax that is still a loss overall.

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It's $3.22 here in Statesboro and the nearest DZ is 2h30min...and will really affect when the AV-GAS and JET-A price hike up the lift tkt price. :|

I see this happening very soon... :(

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