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Well, I'm a blog-addict, so I've got my Jumplog, which is based on blog-software, and my Skydiving News Site, which is Blog-Like, but they're both in german - as is my everyday blog.

I recently found Sector 10 Blog, a weblog about sector 10 of the upcoming rw record.

Then, there is qlogger, a site dedicated to special interest blogging. They have a skydiving section (where you get all the fields to publish a real jumplog), but they seem to be down right now.

I asked the same question a while ago, and some of the links from the replies are still active! ... and although the site has not been updated in ages, don't miss out on Skybytch's story about the skunk on blogspot.


I've got an rss filter on technorati tag "skydiving", am watching Google's blog news regularly, and got some other bots trying to find new skydiving blogs for me - so, if there are any other skydivers' blogs out there, they haven't been tagged right. B|

[edit] should've written faster, someone beat me to the sector10blog. and sector 11? gotta have a look at that now...

(Home @ http://www.fallschirmspringer.net/)

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I found maggiejumps.blogspot.com a number of months ago - it's not so much about skydiving anymore, as it is about her life... She's the girlfriend of Jason Yasuda...
"Why'd you track away at 7,000 feet?"
"Even in freefall, I have commitment issues."

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