How much better does it get after AFF?

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Whatever you do don't quit yet. I have 3 jumps left for my A license. I didn't quite feel that there wasn't anything exciting about it anymore, I just started feeling the strain of passing each level. I knew it was all about learning first and then the fun would come back again. Believe me, when you do your first solo you will have a better perspective. I couldn't sleep the night before, running through my head my dive flow for the next day, over and over again. I thought I would worried about everything from pulling stable to mixing up a hand signal. But every dive went good and the more confidence I got the more fun I had. I have only done a few solos and I have been enjoying spending my freefall time doing the things that I want to work on or just spending the time feeling that amazing feeling that captured you on your very first jump. I don't know what type of skydiver that makes me, I just do what feels good and what my capabilities allow. I have people who will jump with me and am looking forward to the day I can confidently jump with them. I don't need to know today when that will be so for now I am enjoying myself and finding my nitch! Riding my dirt bike years ago for the first time was "yeah, I can do it...now what" How many years later now I'm jumping and having a blast doing all kinds of I never thought I could do at the time. Skydivings no different. Get you skills, jump, have fun and in the future who knows what your abilities might be and what cool things you will be trying! Hang in there!

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