Your Skydiving Goals for 2006

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1. Don't kill myself or other sky friends
2. Don't break myself or other sky friends
3. Pass my head up and head down load organizer tests
4. Finagle my way in on as many jumps as I can with the 4way VRW teams starting up.
5. Participate in an 8 way freefly jump turning more than two points (last requirement for my C license)

The LO tests are a lofty goal, considering at this time my head down experience equates to a couple of linked HD exits.
Get in - Get off - Get away....repeat as neccessary

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1. Don't get hurt.
2. Get A-license, sometime before I have enough jumps to qualify (by jump numbers only) for a B-license.
3. In pursuit of 2, don't break any more instructors.
4. Get other half to the DZ sometime to watch me jump. (Not for lack of trying so far; schedules and weather have conspired against us.)
5. Mom wants to do a tandem; make that happen for her.
6. Get some more tunnel time.
7. Try out some small-way jumps (like maybe 4 tops) as experience allows.
8. Accumulate more gear - if not a whole rig, then everything short of that (altimeter, helmet, keg tapper, etc.)

Further out (probably past 2006)... Get enough jumps to start thinking about doing some wingsuit jumps. Visit my family in Europe and do some jumps there.

PLF does not stand for Please Land on Face.

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1. Stay safe
2. Go overseas for some tunnel training and intensive coaching
3. Get my B-licence (need 20 more jumps, & to finish Cat II and do Cat III for this)
4. 100th jump. (Preferably overseas, locals will know why!)
5. Hopefully do some jumps in Switzerland when I am there in May.
6. Start practising for Nationals 2007 in either junior 2-way and/or junior 4-way.
7. Attend at least one skills camp.
Longer-term.. continue aiming to be at an experience level when I can start putting back into the sport.
Skydiving: wasting fossil fuels just for fun.

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For 2006 my goals are to:

Get my Master Riggers Lic.

Get a few more jumps for my D lic.

Pack my main great, so I dont have to use the reserve.... HAHAHA

Teach my five year old to pack, so I can jump more..HAHA

Personal goals:

Get our family business up and running.

Exercise more with the Tae-bo DVD's that I have.

Go for my Masters degree and work on moving into a promotion with my company.
Kenneth Potter
FAA Senior Parachute Rigger
Tactical Delivery Instructor (Jeddah, KSA)
FFL Gunsmith

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My Goals - (More like "My Wish List" - )
(Other than not breaking myself or getting dead)

- 100-200 jumps or therabouts.
- MWSL 4-way competition.
- Some tunnel time.
- AFF rating
- Jump at a couple new dropzones.
- Rantoul!
- Shoot more video. (No excuse now that I've got a great FF2 helmet!)
- Sell lots of gear.
- Buy some new jumpsuits.
- Spend much more time at the DZ this summer.
- Make some very positive changes in my life. (Not entirely skydiving related, but those who know me well know what I mean. Others have to ask.)

Easy Does It

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Stay alive
Not injure myself
Have fun
Take a canopy control course
Take an advanced canopy control course
Learn to swoop a little bit
Get a new wingsuit
Do a night wingsuit jump
Do a 18k wingsuit jump
Do a 24k jump
Do a baloon jump
Do a baloon wingsuit jump
Get my D license
Finish my coach rating
Get a local BASE jumper to take me to a site
Make some more BASE jumps
Get my BASE number
Take a ground launching course
Attend some fun boogies
A kiss pass with my girlfriend

Somehow afford all this and pay off my credit card debt.
BASE 1224, Senior Parachute Rigger, CPL ASEL IA, AGI, IGI
USPA Coach & UPT Tandem Instructor, PRO, Altimaster Field Support Representative

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1- Stay alive and well!
2- Be safe
3- Make 1,000 jumps (made 700 this year playing college softball, not playing softball this year so I think I can hack it)
4- Always be having fun
5- Help some new jumpers as much as I was helped as a new jumper
7- At least 4 trips down south
8- Work on my RW more (I suck)


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Canopy Control Course (Jan 06)
Make at least 100 jumps by end of Dec 06
Buy a new canopy (new or new used)
Freefly coaching
Tunnel Time in Orlando (Feb 06)
Be apart of some kick ass fun skydives with my friends
Learn to pack tandems (Jan 06)
Jump a helocopter and/or hot air ballon

Will add more as I think of them

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