2006 World meet?

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Amy says hello to all you hardcore military types down there at Benning.

Competition is cranking up this morning once the organizers get their act together. We are waiting for the team leader meeting to wrap up soon and find out what is going on.

Looks like men's accuracy and women's style will be the program this morning.

Formation will start later this morning. Synchronicity, Fastrax, and Thunder are here from the US.

Canopy Formation is also starting this morning but not sure what they are starting with.

Opening ceremonies were nice and short. USA has the largest delegation by far. Almost twice as much as the next largest.

The ceremony was followed up by a mini airshow but I didn't wait around to catch it all. However, I did see the Russian juniors do a static line jump from 100 meters (330 feet). Awesome!!!

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Well, we made one team accuracy jump. Winds were over 7 m/s for all but one of us. Stu and I scored .00. James and Keith took the rejump. Winds caught Jimmy D a little short. He fought to get over top but slid off to the right too far and picked up an out without. Unfortunately, he's the only one the winds were good for.

Women finished up a round of style. Scoring has been very strict. Cheryl was around a 7.9 and Elisa about 7.5.

Winds came up over 9 m/s while James and Keith were making a rejump, so they were waved off. It's staying around 8 to 9 m/s so accuracy is on hold.

Heading out to make a style jump in a few, but looks like a lot of clouds up there. Might be circling for a while......

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Thanks for the update. Cassie is going to be sending me the scores so that we can post them on skydivericks.com. It is good to see your updates because we are all chomping at the bit to hear how the S/A guys and girls are doing.

Let Jimmy and Jim know that we are all cheering for them and the ENTIRE team here at Skydive Rick's from all the way over the big pond. Hopefully you guys can hear us. ;)

Blue 1's


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