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what is the best thing to do before are skydive if you whant´s to relax

My random thoughts:

With a hundred or so jumps, like your profile says, it is more complex than for an AFF student.

For AFF, I look at the student's hands. Hooknswoop when he was mentoring me for my AFF rating said, "watch the student's hands, they will tell you what the student is going to do in three seconds. If you see them tense up, you are in for a ride."

But the hands still apply to experienced jumpers, but they are more likely to be more subtle clues.

With hundreds of jumps, it becomes a problem solving game. "Why am I nervous", and "What are the warning signs".

For me, if I do more than one check of threes on myself, I know my "arousal level" in AZ Airspeed speak, is too high.

I find out why... "I am jumping with a student I am worried about", "I have not jumped in two weekends", etc...

Once I know why, then I solve the problem. "Ok, I won't let go of the student on this level three until I am comfortable he modified his body to the hand signals given", "Ya it has been two weeks since I jumped, but so what, it feels so natural now I have nothing to worry about."

Sticking your tongue out is a sure sign of being able to relax. And as Amazon said, smiling and breathing....

I liked the Brian Germain book, "transcending fear", by the way...

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what is the best thing to do before are skydive if you whant´s to relax

Fart. I mean It sucks when people do it, but if its effecting your nerves you gotta get it out.LOL

PLEASE, try to wait til the door is open.

The best thing to do to relax is trust in your training, gear, people around you etc. If any of those things are making you nervous...fix them.
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its is fore are friend i have he have 10jumps and have some problems whit his 5sec freefall

I wrote the following before reading this reply. It still applies though so here it is. Good luck.

The hands trick mentioned by tdog is always a clue. If you let them clench, you will clench your shoulders and your breathing will be shallow. You can calm all that.

Open your hands as wide as you can then let them relax and place them on your thighs. Relax your shoulders and let them hang. Consciously breathe in deeply and slowly through the nose then exhale slowly and fully through the mouth. Relax the stomach muscles as well.

(Side note… if someone farts, just close your nose and ignore it)

When I'm working with students, It doesn't matter who the student is. Almost all students go through that ritual before we go.

Visualize tracking off after a great skydive. Smile on your face thinking how fun that was.

Then while still breathing and relaxing the shoulders Think about the dive flow and the perfect dive that led up to tracking away. JohnMitchell states what I'm talking about.

Put your helmet and goggles on early and sit still. It’s quieter and you won’t have to rush. Touch your handles in order. (I still do this and so should you)

When people start shuffling around and doing ritual handshakes and such, stay quiet. When it's your turn to go, start your way to the door and touch the main handle so you know it's there before stepping outside.

You know what you're doing, and you're ready to do it... Bring it on.

Recap: It's perfectly fine to be nervous but leave the aircraft after calming yourself and touching your handles.... then touching the main again after you move towards the door.

Remember to put your helmet and goggles on early so you are not in a rush.

Hope that helps.
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what is the best thing to do before are skydive if you whant´s to relax

1- Pack very carefully
2- Check up all your gear
3- Remember how much you are paying for your jump (money, time, effort, etc). Make it pay off
4- Now concentrate on what you are going to do and mentally rehearse it when climbing to altitude
5- Do not over-relax. Be alert!

It cannot be done really means I do not know how to do it ... yet

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