How do Mr Bill?

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I was the "rider" on a mr. bill that went off great. It was the only atempt I've made. It was with a Velocity 103 and we loaded the hell out of it. We did it from 7500 out of our otter. He squatted in the center of the door facing the front of the plane. I straddled him, wrapped my legs very tight, took grips on his mud flaps, and pressed my face into his chest strap. He then took us out and dumped immediately. I held on for dear life and made sure to keep my face pressed firmly against his chest. We had about two line twists that he said "hold on" and kicked out of. It was no sweat.

I think there are a few key factors....

1) deploy quickly!
2) rider keep your face pressed firmly against chest strap. any gap and you'll have room for a snap which will hurt and most likely fling you off.
3) if you are not already, pretend you are madly in love with the person... cuz the closer you guys are together, the less likely you are to fall off.

Once under canopy, have them do some riser turns. It gets pretty tough to hold on, but you can get that canopy racing! It's a hell of a cool time. Then just before you drop off have them bring the canopy really close to stall point. :)
Ahhhhh... so much fun!

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