Pre-Boarding Pics and post them If you got.....

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Oh, and THIS one. My family used to fly on Connies when they were in service as air liners. This one was headed to Bombay from Dhahran. We lost one engine over the gulf. No problem, except we had to lay over a couple of days while they FIXED it.
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My niece had a school project where they drew themselves out on paper, then sent themselves out to get pictures doing cool stuff. I took her on a skydive.
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Airvan looks like a cool plane ! How many fit in it ?


As I recall we had 7 large economy size demo jumpers, with flags & extra gear in it.

The problem was there was only room for 6, so I sat right seat with my rig & smoke gear in my lap, and crawled over ...gearing up on my way out the door. :S

I think it would hold 8 'normal' type skydiver people.B|

I have about 10 jumps total from the AirVan.

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