'The Search' program run by Skydive-U

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Can anyone tell me anything about a program called 'The Search?' A friend of mine said it is run by Skydive-U at Deland during the winter for new jumpers who want to hone their skills in an intensive week-long program but I haven't been able to find any info about it anywhere.

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The Search is a yearly event organized by Skydive University. This year it will be The Search 6. Usually it is held at DeLand although it has been held at different dropzones, but still in the general Orlando'ish area. It usually runs for about a week. It is pretty intensive. You start early in the day and end late. You learn a lot. The program is very diverse. It is more that just a seminar for teaching you RW.

Each year's program is a little different although the general format stays the same. I went to The Search 4. At that Search we had Scott Miller to teach us some good canopy skills, we had top coaches to jump one-on-one with us to teach us fundamental RW skills. We also did 20 minutes of tunnel time at Skyventure in Orlando, again with top coaching. Later in the Search we did 4 way jumps utilizing our freshly polished RW skills. Throughout the Search there were all kinds of seminars, they covered a wide variety of topics from better packing skills, to what it is like to be on a world level skydiving team. My favorite part was with John DeRosalia (Dr John). He is a sport psychologist and a skydiver. He did several great seminars teaching us about the psychology of skydiving and achieving more that you ever though you could.

Last year there were two Searches, The Search 5 which was all RW and for the first time ever (BEEEEER!!!!) a Freefly Search was held. I'm not sure if both of them will be held this year as well. The Search is usually held in late February / early March timeframe. It is usually advertised in Parachutist and Skydiving Magazine. You can also check out www.skydiveu.com, there is no info on the Search right now but I'm sure there will be as the date gets closer.

You will be challenged regardless of your skill level. At the Search I went to we had people ranging in jump numbers from just over 20 to over 300. I never saw anyone bored or too stressed out. The coaches are great and do an amazing job customizing each jump for you to make it challenging but not so difficult that you are discouraged about your performance.

The Search is a great event. I highly recommend it. I learned so much and met so many people. At the Search I went to we had people from all over the world not just all over the country.

Feel free to PM me if you have more questions...

Mark N

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Hey - thanks for all of the great info guys! In case anyone else is interested; I spoke to Rob Laidlaw yesterday at Deland and he said that there will be two programs held this year - one for belly flying and one for freeflying. The information should be posted soon at the skydive U site (www.skydiveu.com) within the next week or so and promises to be comprehensive and jam-packed with lots of learning and individualized/small group instruction from a lot of really accomplished/talented individuals.

I certainly plan to be there (if I can get my debt down enough to jack it back up again! );)

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