Looking For Some Tandem Pictures

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I am looking for a few tandem pictures I have seen posted here before. I have searched to no avail . . .

-free flyer standing on the tandem master's rig holding onto the drogue
-tandem pair being towed behind an SUV
-triple tandem (double student) balloon jump

In the spirit of sharing, here's one for y'all . . . Tandem BASE Jump
Arrive Safely


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Cool pics, (BUT)
I would have the tandem I's rating pulled if he knew it was going to happen prior to the event and the passenger was a first time student!
Sorry, I don't believe in Jeopardizing the life of a student for a good Picture.
I know I'm an ass!
"Dropzone.com, where uneducated people measuring penises, has become an art form"

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