Getting back in the air what will I need to do?

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Recurrency training and a supervised jump.

USPA A-license holders who have not made a freefall within
60 days should make at least one jump under the supervision
of a currently rated USPA instructional rating holder until
demonstrating altitude awareness, freefall control on all axes,
tracking, and canopy skills sufficient for safely jumping in

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The USPA currency requirement is a minimum under there guidelines. Most DZ's would want you to meet this minimum. Some may ask for more but shouldn't of a licensed skydiver. There is no related LAW (other than in date reserve) but only the USPA regs.

BUT, you should do what you feel comfortable with. If you feel you need more refresher training or supervised jumps than the USPA minimum that's fine.

Your at a stage where every jump is different from every other one you've done. Different winds, different spot, different landing traffic etc. So do by shy about taking your time.
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Some of what you need to do may be left up to you.

Think about mals and practice your EPs. Not just the day your going to jump start doing it now!.

If the DZ has a hanging harness use it to practice EP's.

When was the last time you did a PLF? Try a few and if their not up to par do them until they are.

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