Fast fall rate

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I thought everyone and everything fell at the same speed (120... T.V....) Is that not the case? If not...why is the number 120 something thrown around so much in skydiving.

I take it you have never dropped a feather and watched it fall. It doesn't go 120mph.

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It's a generalization for terminal velocity based on belly-to-earth, box man, average weight and size. Actual fall rate depends on body position and the resistance to the air that it presents.


Less drag = faster fall rate
- Tight jumpsuit = faster fall rate.
More drag = slower fall rate
- Baggy jumpsuit = slower fallrate
Less weight = slower fall rate
More weight = faster fall rate
Less arch = slower fall rate
More arch = faster fall rate
Belly-to-earth = slower fall rate
Head down = faster fall rate

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