Diving though the hole !!?? dropping in on the formation ?!?

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I have been diving at a new drop zone a bit lately and Im new to 3,4,5,+ way formation dives. I am on my way though my B rel table.
I came across a group of 5-6 "local" jumpers whom were resident sport jumpers at the Dz and the group, one in particular thought that smashing though a formation from above was an acceptable and sporting done thing. !?? As in the others were in a 5 way circle formation and he would come in over the top and blow though the hole in the middle. haha.

Surely this is a dangerous thing.?

I was on the floor packing my chute watching 5 of these guys (one female) replay this apparently funny look at me smash though the hole video again and again for 1\2 an hour, with comments like "did you see me knee you in the head you went way over there". "ha that was me i knocked you after he smashed into me ha" whilst showing this video.
I then went on to be told that this guy does this every time..."its his thing"

They then went on to talk about how AAD's were a "lazy mans device" and that deploying your reserve your self was how real skydivers did it. Baring in mind these individuals were all mid 30s to mid 40s in age, lord knows how.

In a separate conversation I overheard the CI saying to some girls that in his day he'd do 3-4 way downplane rotor's to 100 ft and 1st one to let go bought a slab ha.. but then regulations came in because dickheads killed em selves haha...WTF Guy.
Even as I write this now I start to get angry.

Surely this kind of risky mentality is not the "in crew mind set" in skydiving ?

Im in Australia and I know there is a big bogan stupidity factor out here amongst grown adults but quite frankly this is why I have zero interest in X way formation diving.
"You'll shoot your eye out kid"

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