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I saw a couple of cool T-shirts at the DZ recently including:

My other rig is your mum

Front: Today we fall
Back: Tomorrow we fly.

And I always liked - "Keep pulling handles until your goggles fill up with blood" which is someone's sig line on here...


Gods don't kill people. People with Gods kill people

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several of the shirts mentioned here are ours at velocity sportswear, a lot of the others are made by one of the following go wear, go fast, reaper wear or jumper sportswear... I try to keep up with who's making what so we don't steal an idea of something that's currently in production... sometimes it's hard to come up with new sayings for this sport, but somehow, this thread has shown that there are still new ideas out there! ya'll might see some of these sayings again soon ;-)
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What's YOUR Zombie Plan?

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