Who wants to see Stephen Colbert skydive while smoking, drinking, and eating a stick of margarine?

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I've issued the challenge below to Stephen Colbert. If you would like to see this happen go to colbertnation.com, register for the forums, go to the forum index and under The Colbert Report forum, reply to my post titled "CHALLENGE TO YOU STEPHEN!!!" and tell him how you feel! Or just reply to this post! Blues y'all!

Hi Stephen!

My name is Jen. I'm a politically charged mom/student living in San Jose California. I'm also a great fan of your show, Colbert Report.

I watched your recent interview with Rick Berman in which you declared, "I should have the right to smoke and drink and eat a stick of margarine as I skydive!!"

I happen to be a skydiver, and I want to issue YOU a challenge! Stand up for your right to smoke and drink and eat a stick of margarine while you skydive. Come out to California. I will pay for you to tandem skydive at Adventure Center Skydiving in Hollister. I will pay for your video of said skydive. This is on the condition that you smoke, and drink, and eat a stick of margarine while in freefall!

I'd like to wire up your helmet like a beer helmet, then you could double-fist the cig and the margarine as you enjoy not only the fabulous sensation of freefall, but the satisfaction brought by the exercising of your basic human rights guaranteed you by the Constitution of our great United States!

Please reply ASAP! You can reach me through myspace.com/jenp9k or the Colbert Nation message board.

Looking forward to pushing you out of a plane,
"Live as if you'll die tomorrow, learn as if you'll live forever." -Gandhi

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Aw, cut Colbert some slack. Let him smoke, drink, and eat under canopy. Still part of the skydive. And the tandem pilot won't have all that crap blowing in the face, etc. at 120, just at 20+.
"Nothing exists except atoms and empty space; everything else is opinion" - Democritus

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