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Dave, thanks for the correction. I should have checked that out first.


Boxing Lessons? The Skyride guys probably need the help / instruction.

Does Skyride represent a similar problem for other sports or industries? Their marketing is certainly deceptive and that is probably the case regardless of the particular customer interest.

Does Skyride screw people for 'Romantic Cruises', White Water Rafting, Exotic Car Rentals, etc?

Edit: link removed ~ Craig

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Just FYI, since I didn't explain myself above... I chose not to link to them and always try to avoid it when I remember. Linking to them can improve their search engine rankings. A link to igovincent from dropzone.com can associate them with skydiving as far as search engines are concerned.

But anyway, yes, they have been a big problem in the hot air balloon ride industry. There are many similar "consumer alert" warnings from balloon operators like dropzones. Don't know about their other businesses. They're trying to distance themselves from the scam warnings with these other aliases.


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good question and no we do not. Maybe is because skydivers are not very business like i do not know but we service customers from almost any event you can think of but yet we only have issue with skydiving. Weird huh? maybe its because we operate a legit business and only get negative feedback from skydivers who are not very business savy..... And we do not screw anybody or else we wouldnt still be in business...

I will tell you like i told the others we had about 366 BBB complaints dating back from 04 we sell to over 300 customers on any given DAY now 366 complaints over a three year period is 122 a year now out of that 122 people who complaints that means thats about 70K (just for that one year)customer who did not complain so let me know what you think about that.. Not to mention we sell for more than just skydiving. so out of a 250,000 customers we had 366 complaints. So now that you have the facts how do we look now????;)

Ryan Berger
Business Development & Vendor Relations for 1-800Skyride

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So now that you have the facts how do we look now????

Like the liars and thieves.

I know the Ballooning industry has the same issues with your business model, I know that Nascar came after your guy for trying it in their industry.

There is nothing honest about the way you do business. You intentionally try to deceive customers and then will not refund their money when they find out the truth.

This has gone on for years, Now that the heat is on and there appears to a token effort to clean up part of your business, it is too little, too late.

The mods have asked that we contain these discussions to certain threads. I think this thread was over looked and will be locked as well.

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