Skydiving Quotes You've Learned.

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Hi all! New here and new to the sport.

I just thought I'd start a thread where everyone can post one of those clever quotes that they've learned over the years.

Sometimes those simple one line rhymes and whatnot can save a life or at the very least, make jumps more enjoyable!

Me being a newb... I'll start with the one everyone learns first.

"Is it there?... is it square?"

and this one I learned just today...

"Having a blast on every jump is more important than achieving a task in every jump"

They don't have to rhyme. Maybe this has been done.. but I'm new.. appease me.:ph34r:
It's better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. - Clarence Worley from "True Romance"

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"you stupid idiot - don't do that again"

Sounds like something Popsjumper would say! :D:D:D

Beezyshaw was the same way, though he would be a little more diplomatic. ;)
"Mediocre people don't like high achievers, and high achievers don't like mediocre people." - SIX TIME National Champion coach Nick Saban

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"rounds are sound, but a square will get you there!"

"If you see me pull my main, PULL your reserve!" Scotty Carbone

"When in doubt. whip it out!"

"We don't let Andy spot" Hans P.

"Be rude Not to" Skinnyshrek

"Those guy were so low I could count their fingers!" Someone I heard after we landed from 2004 round jump @ the Richmond boogie

"waving off is to tell those on the ground to clear my landing area" Don Brewer

"Pack your own rig, you get out what you put in!" Byron Black

"That engine catches fire all the time, don't worry about it!" A SGC Jumper

"you snooze ya loose" James "whitey" Whiting's wake up call Party-In Paradise

"Never part ways with a bad word" Mom Stewart

"There goes naked Larry......again" jumper @ boogie

"Who the fuck is Jerry Bird" Skydive Waynesville

"We just had a call from an inbound 747 Capt. who reported you guys passed them in freefall less then a 100 ft away and we know who was on the load by the descriptions of the jumpsuits" -A jumping Cincy FAA inspector
you can't pay for kids schoolin' with love of skydiving! ~ Airtwardo

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Hey Asshole........
Don't piss off manifest.....
Hurry up, you're buring daylight.....
Case of beer......
14 5 Exit Exit Exit........
i couldn't get in CUZ........
It's a Crw thing......
Drink fucker......(by Jay)
Sometimes Femur is a Verb
Sarah...Desea Rodriguez

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Hear is one of my favorites.

"You know you are in trouble when people look like ants or when ants look like people."

From the tee-shirt in the 70's~

When the people look like ants. . .PULL!

Wen the ants look like people. . . PRAY!


One of my favorites:
Ever seen one of these?
Yeah well...ever seen one do THIS?! :ph34r:

Hold my beer and watch THIS! B|

180 left and cut. :ph34r:

The Pessimist says: "It can't possibly get any worse!"
The Optimist says: "Sure it can!"

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