When is Safety Day?

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Safety Day 2008

USPA Safety Day is just around the corner, taking place this year on Saturday, March 8. Some drop zones may select a different date.

Each S&TA is charged with organizing the event for their drop zone. Of course most would welcome additional help from the local jumpers and instructors with any part of organizing the event.

Safety Day USPA is looking for new and different ideas for Safety Day. Typically the event will cover the outline items and other materials provided by USPA, and some locations will have different ideas or new ways to address an existing topic.

This year USPA will feature the new and interesting ideas in the Parachutist coverage of Safety Day, so dust off your thinking cap and come up with something fresh for your event. Send your ideas to [email protected] so we can share them with other S&TAs around the world.

USPA will also list participating drop zones on its website, so jumpers can easily find a location to attend Safety Day. S&TAs can send the drop zone name and website address to [email protected] for inclusion on the website list.

(From http://www.uspa.org/safety/newsletters/TheUSPAProfessional010408.htm)

Tom Buchanan
Instructor Emeritus
Comm Pilot MSEL,G
Author: JUMP! Skydiving Made Fun and Easy

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A friend of mine sent an email out last week soliciting suggestions and requesting RSVPs for his DZ's Safety Day. He sent it to his entire email list, to include an awful lot of regional jumpers, some hundreds of miles away.

Yesterday he sent out a "reply all" to it, as follows:


You guys are beautiful.

Look how many people got emailed this Safety Day notice.

I got ONE response.
From a guy who doesn't even jump anymore...
And all he wanted to know was whether there'd be strippers this year.

There have since been many replies...about the strippers. :D

I think I'm tentatively planning our Safety Day for April 11. In early March, most folks up here are still going skiing or hibernating or whatever on the weekends.

(drink Mountain Dew)

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