Door of Fear...

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Door of Fear - It’s a lot to read, but this what I felt...

I went jumping over the weekend and experienced a feeling I had only heard about by one of my instructors. I’m not exactly sure if it has a common term but he described it as the "Door of Fear". Basically, the "Door of Fear" is the feeling people get at certain points of their skydiving career that keep them in the plane when it’s time to get out. In some cases, they decide not to jump, and in worst cases, they decide to quit.

I was in the Airplane this weekend and I believe I faced the "Door of Fear". It started shortly after the ritual that I perform before the airplane reaches 1,000 feet. My rituals consist of a short prayer, multiple handle checks and the anticipation of hearing the beep in my helmet that lets me know it’s safe to unfasten my seatbelt. At about 4,000 Feet, I asked myself a question that I had never asked myself before. I asked myself..."What the fuck am I doing in this plane right now and why do I have this thing on my back?". This question shed light onto a different perspective into skydiving that I had never seen before. It could be the same perspective that many non-skydivers have that keep them from even considering the act. Distancing myself 2 miles from the earth and not knowing the final results started to become difficult for me to swallow. Knowing that my death could be waiting at the place I call home...knowing that "the thing on my back" was going to have a significant influence as to whether I was going to reach the ground safely or not...knowing that I had a certain amount of responsibility for the lives of the other jumpers in the plane and they had responsibility over mine ALL entered my mind. My heart started to beat at an uncontrollable rate and my body started to tingle from head to toe. At 10,000 feet, breathing became difficult and I thought I was going to throw up (I think I farted too). I became dizzy and a little disoriented. All of these feelings became a bit overwhelming and the option to ride the plane down entered my mind. After the belly fliers in front of us exited, my jumping partners and I headed to the door...the "Door of Fear". When I looked out, I quickly realized that this door was not my enemy. It was my friend. I started to remember how beautiful the earth looked from 13,500 feet and how much I loved the concept of human flight. The cool breeze flowing through the fuselage of the airplane reminded me that the feeling I was chasing was just a simple leap away. After a few deep breaths and a big smile, I nodded at my jumping partner and took the simple leap. Needless to say, the jump was amazing and answered all of the questions that I had just seconds before…
Sometimes we lose sight of the things we do and the reasons we do them. We have to weigh the positives and negatives in all situations to help determine how we want handle them. Earlier this weekend, I faced the "Door of Fear" and simply realized that there was nothing to fear. It’s the gateway to experiencing the most beautiful thing in the world...SKYDIVING!!

I love this sport more than words could explain and will continue to jump until the day I die...

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I think that you may be overthinking this one.


At 10,000 feet, breathing became difficult and I thought I was going to throw up (I think I farted too). I became dizzy and a little disoriented.

For my money, you appear to have covered both effect and cause in the same sentence here, although in the wrong order.

I too have felt nauseous and dizzy in the plane, even that I might throw up, as a result of someone's in plane farting.

Not one shred of evidence supports the theory that life is serious - look at the platypus.

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Do you have kids? That's when those thoughts get really scarey, and "self" never comes to mind. I've never had them in the plane, but have at home a time or two. But no sweat, it goes away just as quick as it did for you.

"If a vegetarian eats vegetables, what does a humanitarian eat?"

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things are whatever we make them to be...

" Door of Fear" sounds like a video game:PB|;):)
what jump of the day was it???
first?? last??

In truth,,, we don't jump OUT a door, we jump IN a door. into the door which leads to the playground where we practice flying our bodies.....;)

How can you NOT love that???:o

if your planes are maintained, and your DZ has an established safety record, you might lighten up on your pre-one -grand ritual of praying, "multiple" handle checks,:o and anticipation, ( anxiety) of hearing your audible...
Look out the window instead!!!B|. (Or smile at your buddies, B| or go over the dive, in your head..:|.) that's when you can see all sorts of things on the ground..:o. You'll GET to a grand... and then likely all the way to altitude, give or take the ceiling... a quick prayer and handle check, once you are able to move a bit, and aren't restricted, by the seat belt..might be better...
Nervousness is acceptable..(and it's great that you re-affirmed yourself in the door, ).but lets call it excitement, and have it spurr us on to a proper and safe skydive, ( as you demonstrated) instead of calling it fear... and having to accept all the baloney that goes along with THAT...

skydive happily

a 3914
d 12122


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HA! HA! While going through AFF I would get so sick I could barely get ready to go to the dropzone! I'd make myself go then I'd make myself get on the plane. Still sick and scared out of my mind I'd try everything but the only thing that worked was when I stepped to exit out the door! How weird is that! Eventually after more jumps the nerves calmed down a bit and I didn't get so sick until this weekend! I hadn't jumped in a long while and that queasiness came back to haunt me AGAIN. But I just took it slow and got myself on the plane. I just relaxed and looked out the window focused on breathing (that really helps for me). Then it was time to exit and it all went away! I had a great jump and landing and felt so much better for doing so. I just love skydiving!
"It is our choices that show what we truly are far more than our abilities." - A. Dumbledore

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Stephen and Mary,

I thought I taught you better than that:


I think we have all met the door demon at some point and time as a newer jumper...........power though it and you'll be fine.

Both of you have made me very proud -- Stephen because of how naturally you took to this and Mary because you are my greatest accomplishment as an AFFI (you never gave up and look at you now)-- stick with it and you'll get years of enjoyment as I have

Be safe

The pimp hand is powdered up ... say something stupid

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