Joe D of Skydive Jersey Shore makes 10000th jump

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Well Done !!!

I too remember Joe..

his ad in parachutist used to read

"Joe D Reliable Gear and Rigging"

or something along those lines....B|;):)and for YEARS ,, i thought his last name WAS
"Reliable" hahahahaha:ph34r::ph34r::DB|;):)
way to go. Joey D ( D'afflisio ... ???? ( sp ) ..)

jmy tee:)

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Hi Bof,
Congrats to Joe D'!!! Time sure flys when yer' havin' fun!! Just looked in the archives and found the photo of JD, myself, T-Squared, Slocum, Bob Schendler, Dave Rickerby, Barry and a whole bunch more group shot at the '87 Mardi Gras Boogie in Covington LA!! WOW!! 21 yearsago! Congrats again to Joe!!!!!!
SCR-2034, SCS-680


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