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When I first started climbing the guys would say how much it would suck if their ring got stuck in a crack with a ring still attached, because the ring would act like a stopper nut, and take the finger with it.
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Ok, I read the thread from a few years ago that covered this ground.. someone said "well what about wrist-mounted altimeters? aren't they a snag hazard too?" and on thinking about it, I'm not so sure that they're not... Sure, the wrist strap is velcro and *theoretically* the velcro should give way before your hand or wrist... but the sheer (sideways pull) strength for velcro is way strong er than the peel strength. Picture something (a disconnected riser, or the bridle perhaps) wrapped around the altimeter and pulling parallel to your arm. Is the strap going to open?

Perhaps someone can rig something up with a force meter to test...
Looking for newbie rig, all components...

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