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after reading this entire shitstorm I clicked on your profile and relized you are from my home dropzone

im sorry for the lost equipment but you are one hello of a stand up guy, ill be buying you a jump and if you need to borrow gear here and there to jump ill offer mine up when im there

blue skys , see ya in the spring

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Hi all

I just want to say thanks again to all the people that have helped me. I have told so many wuffo's about what you all have done and they can not even begin to relize what kinda sport or life style you have shown here. I even end up speechless.

So please if you send money or a jump or a card. I need your address and home dz I want to thank everyone that has shown me why I love skydiving and every perk it brings

Blue Skies
and Soft Landings

Eric Blair
-------------------------------------------------- If your not jumping your not living

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