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hi , some background Info : I 'm having a French license / insurance ( 2008 ) . I was living in the French Caribean for some years and now moved to Italy .
I want to jump with my French licence but I do need an Insurance that also covers jumping in Spain and Italy . etc ...
The french federation tells me to get in contact with a French club to do so . Which I did , nowadays the clubs "inviting "me to go to France ...Since this is not obvious I am looking to get an insurance ( in Italy ? )
Th eother option is to get an USPA license , but the insurance which goes with it (?) only covers US citizen .
Any thoughts on this ?
regards, maLUCo

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Become member of the skydiving federation of the country where you will make (most) of your jumps (Italy?).
Take the insurance (Italian) which is almost always included in the membership.
If necessary take an extra travel insurance which does not exclude skydiving in case of the country where you jump is not the country where you want to stay in the hospital. Take this travel insurance in the country where you want to get repatriated to in case of an accident (France? so a French travel insurance?).
Be sure to have your healthcare insurance "up to date".



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